Africa has been known as a dark continent for centuries, and this can be evidenced when viewing night satellite imagery comparing Africa and Europe. The continent has largely struggled to attract sound investment due to lack of infrastructure such as roads, water, health care facilities and transmission lines for electricity.

The continent has abundant minerals and likewise renewable energy such as solar, wind, geothermal, biomass and hydro; which could be instrumental in the generation of electricity. The construction of transmission and distribution is extremely costly and therefore negatively affect the Levelized Cost of Electricity (‘LCOE”). In addition, the transportation of fuel to remote mining areas and villages without proper access roads also poses a challenge due to the volatile price.

The battery energy storage in hybrid with renewables technology is a solution to Africa transforming from darkness to brightening the lives of Africans.

ADES will provide such solution in partnership with respective power utilities and the private sector and making sure that Africa once gain regains its position in the global economy.

We will lend our hand in energizing the economy during peak and off-peak hours and supplement and optimize the already aging grid and also provide life off-grid in industries, mines, schools, commercial buildings, villages.